Flying coffins 3. Career

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Genre: action/air battle/strategy

Controls: mouse

Description: In the far away solar country Ukrania for many years rule the bloody dictator Yan Ukovich.
Yan Ukovich has a lot of interesting hobbies, but the main passion of the irreplaceable president of Ukrania is military trainings, more similar to fights of gladiators. Today starts a new deathful airshow under the patronage of the president. His title is: «To become a marshal in one day».

In this show can take part any officer of the Military Air Forces. The rules are simple: every winning is a new military rank. Finishing of the show - is a winning in the last battle or death of the pilot. That one, who was able to win in all battles, will get shoulder boards of the Military Air Forces marshal from hands of Yan Ukovich itself. The president promises to add a valuable gift from himself to new shoulder boards personally...









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