Flying coffins

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Genre: action/air battle

Controls: mouse

In the far away solar country Ukrania for many years rule the bloody dictator Yan Ukovich. The main passion of the irreplaceable president of Ukrania - is military trainings, more similar to fights of gladiators. This year his favourite show is spent in the sky already the third time.

President Ukovich is generous. The winner gets money award of 500$ (it is A LOT of money in his great happy country), vacation for a week at the only resort of the country and extraordinary title. «Do you want become a general in 35? More often raise in the sky!», - says Ukovich.

For participating in heroic show there has never been lack of volunteers and there is not now. In the country, where rule such a president, to be a heroe is honorable, profitable and joyful.

Ave, Ukovich, morituri te salutant!









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